Exhibition Profile

Exhibition Profile

  1. Bakeries/Bakery chain stores
  2. Coffee, beverages, and tea drinks
    • Coffee, Coffee drinks;

    • Tea (tea, fruit tea, milky tea, fruit and vegetable juice, etc.).

  3. Ice creams
  4. Bakery equipment and supporting equipment
    • Equipment producers and enterprises (baking equipment, display cabinet, bread production equipment and ice cream production equipment, bread packaging equipment and ice cream packaging equipment, etc.);

    • Bakeware and baking packaging (bakery tools, moulds, aprons, gloves, clothing, uniforms, egg-beaters, cake cups, packaging boxes, packaging materials, cake decorations, ice cream sticks, etc.);

    • Cash registers, Internet platforms, information technology, etc.

  5. Cakes/biscuits/souvenirs
    • moon cakes, desserts, biscuits, candies, snacks, cakes, chocolate, etc.

  6. Raw and supplemental baking materials
    • flour, nuts, meat products, special flavors and fragrances, ice cream raw materials, coffee raw materials, grain and oil products, baking additives and preservatives, baking fillings, etc.

    • dairy products (milk, cream, buttermilk, clotted cream, cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, whey cheese, etc.)

  7. Bakery training institutions and awards organizations
  8. Cold chain/vehicle manufacturers
  9. Food vendors
  10. Central kitchens