On-site Sponsorship

On-site Sponsorship

Show Catalogue
  • Show Catalogue - Company Logo

  • Show Catalogue - Outside Back Cover

  • Show Catalogue - Inside Front Cover

  • Show Catalogue - Inside Back Cover

  • Show Catalogue - Double Spread

  • Show Catalogue - Full Page

  • Show Catalogue - Half Page

  • Show Catalogue - Loose Insert

Product Branding Opportunities
  • WIFI Sponsor (exclusive)

    Branding on Wi-Fi log in area; branding on all promotional material (email, digital and print);3 x complimentary conference passes;1 x full page advert in show catalogue; announcement of sponsorship sent out to all pre-registered visitors; sponsors’ press releases published on show website; insert in exhibition carrier bag; free seminar slot in exhibition hall

  • Lanyards Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Exhibition & Conference Badge Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Pocket Guide Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Exhibition Carrier Bag Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Insert in Exhibition Carrier Bag

Sinage Branding Opportunities
  • Welcome Signage Sponsor (exclusive)

  • You Are Here Board Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Carpet Graphics

Event Programme Sponsorship
  • Opening Reception Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Gala Dinner Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Conference Speaker’s Dinner

  • Overall Conference Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Overall Conference Sponsor - Co-Shared (max 3)

  • Conference Lunch Sponsor - Three Days

  • Conference Lunch Sponsor - One Day

  • Conference Coffee Break Sponsor - Three Days

  • Conference Coffee Break Sponsor - One Day

  • Conference Carrier Bag

  • Insert in Conference Delegate Bag

  • Workshop Theatre Sponsor (overall)

  • Seminar Theatre Sponsor (overall)

  • Additional Seminar Time Slots (30 min)

  • Seminar Time Slot (30 min)

 Feature Area Sponsorship
  • Registration Area Sponsor (exclusive)

  • Hosted Buyer Louge (exclusive)

  • Dining Area Sponsor-Three Days

  • Dining Area Sponsor-One Day