Hosted Buyer

Hosted Buyer

What are hosted buyers?

  • Hosted buyers are senior decision makers who have a say in purchasing, and who wish to find matching products or resources at the exhibition and have very clear purchasing intentions and plans.


Who can become hosted buyer?

  • Delegates who wish to purchase and cooperate on the exhibited products in the International Bake & Shop Expo in the future, both near and distant;

  • Delegates who are in the bakery industry: bakeries, trading companies, or entities and individuals who have the intention to join the bakery industry as franchisees;

  • Delegates who have a say in purchasing or franchising, including decision-making, recommendation, and audit power.


Levels of Hosted Buyers:

  • Diamond Level: Hosted buyers with a purchasing budget of more than 10 million RMB

  • Platinum Level: Hosted buyers with a purchasing budget of 5 million (including 5 million) - 10 million RMB (US$1.4 billion)

  • Gold Level: Hosted buyers with a purchasing budget of 1 million (including 1 million) - 5 million RMB


Which benefits do hosted buyers possess?

  • Exclusive admission channels

  • Customized exhibition tours

  • New product recommendations

  • Precise matchmaking with high-quality exhibitors

  • Access to our exclusive VIP lounge

  • Dinners and cocktail receptions

  • Exquisite gifts, etc.


Approval Process

  • Submit the application for “Becoming a Hosted Buyer,” and our staff will contact you by telephone within 5 working days.