Why Visit?

        In the past seven years, the Chinese baking industry has registered a compound growth of over 10% annually. China has recorded the largest increase in bakery product consumption worldwide. The tremendous market potential of the bakery industry has attracted vast numbers of fresh entrepreneurs and made it a concern of the capital market. The bakery industry is regarded by analysts as the segment with the biggest investment potential. The China International Bake & Shop Expo serves the bakery industry and is committed to promoting industrial development by integrating industrial resources.
  • China International Bake & Shop Expo provides a one-stop solution for the creation for business and shops, subsidiaries and food outlets.
  • The Expo provides bakeries with services across the whole industry chain, ranging from raw materials to sales, from investment to training.
  • The Expo provides a trade and communication platform for domestic and foreign counterparts to further expand their resources.
  • The Expo exhibits new equipment, new materials, new technologies, new ideas, and popular trends at home and abroad.                            
  • Numerous networking platforms and seminars will be held. Topics include: new retail channels, big data and industry 4.0. The seminars will enterprise to comprehend the gen