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The China International Bake & Shop Expo will be co-organized by Messe Nanjing and Shanghai Global Exhibition Corporation Limited. It primarily aims to serve the bakery industry. The event strives to build a business and exchange platform for international bakeries, as well as a one-stop service platform for both existing and potential practitioners in the bakery industry.

Messe Nanjing

Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd
Messe Nanjing is the Joint Venture between Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH and Nanjing Hexi Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (the German term “Messe” means fair; Landesmesse stands for “Regional Fair”).For 8 years, it's the only international exhibition company in Nanjing organizing a variety of exhibitions, events and conferences across a range of industries including logistics, tourism & caravan, industrial, home furniture & cooking, education and innovation since 2012. Also the management of Nanjing International Expo Centre is done by Messe Nanjing.

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Shanghai Global Exhibition Corporation Limited

Shanghai Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Global Exhibition Corporation Limited was launched in 2006. The organization currently participates in exhibitions and conferences across the Middle East and Africa, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt throughout the year. Based on its expertise, Shanghai Global Exhibition Corporation Limited has ample resources across various industries such as bakery, food, new energy and construction materials, among others.

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