südback reacting to the economic situation
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südback reacting to the economic situation

08.04.2020 - 14:05

Change in the hall concept / Circulating flow of visitors over both trade fair centre corridors


For many companies in the bakery industry the corona crisis means an uncertain outlook for the future. Especially after this period, trade fairs will be an ideal platform and a source of inspiration for new ideas, concepts and products. südback, the trade for bakers and confectioners, will be held at Messe Stuttgart from 17 to 20 October 2020. "We are looking forward to the industry meeting at südback in autumn. The preparations are now in full swing. We feel confident about the future," said Anne-Kathrin Müller, südback Project Manager. "The current situation is also very difficult for confectioners with connected cafés. The companies which set up online shops can now score highly. However, we can thrive during this crisis and südback will enable us to become acquainted with new concepts and ideas in order to ensure business has a viable future – also digitally," said Klaus Vollmer, Head of the State Association of Guilds of Baden-Württemberg Confectioners. Bakers are also looking forward to autumn with optimism: "As a result of the corona crisis, the bakery trade is faced with one of the biggest challenges in its recent history and with consequences which still cannot actually be predicted," said Martin Reinhardt, Head of the State Association of Guilds of Württemberg Bakers. "However, we must carry on and will also continue to do so once the corona crisis is over. The industry meeting point in Stuttgart this year will therefore also contain top-class innovations and information at first hand. südback 2020 is therefore indispensable in order to accompany the bakery industry, exhibitors and visitors on the road back to normality."

Change in the hall concept
However, in order to counter the uncertainties this year and a certain amount of caution among companies, this year's hall concept is therefore being changed. "In order to be able to react at all times to unscheduled changes and ensure that the trade fair can be properly implemented, we are currently reorganising the hall concept," said Müller. This year, we are intending to use Hall 5, the Oskar Lapp Hall (Hall 6), Hall 7, the Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8) and the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10). Hall 9 will not be occupied. This change means that südback is retaining the hall constellation over two trade fair centre corridors. This hall constellation promotes a circulating flow of visitors on the trade fair grounds and is flexible for südback in future. "By making this foresighted change in the hall assignment, Messe Stuttgart and its partners, the bakery trade and the BÄKO Head Office of Southern Germany, are acting with sound judgement which is appropriate and responsible in light of the difficult situation at present. This early decision offers ideal conditions for the bakery trade and its suppliers to get off to a flying start again in autumn and work on a successful future with the aid of südback 2020," said Gunter Hahn, Managing Director of BÄKO-ZENTRALE eG.

Well-prepared for the future
Because according to current forecasts by the Council of Economic Experts as the advisory body of the German federal government, normalisation of the economic situation and a rapid upturn during summer are likely. In 2021 the economy will then grow at a rate of 3.7 per cent thanks to strong catch-up effects.
Positive conclusions for südback 2022 can be drawn from these predictions: "At present, we are assuming that in 2022 we will again be able to make use of last year's hall constellation. With the additional Hall 9, we will again be able to react to the projected economic recovery and can then reoccupy the halls in the square shape at the west end of the trade fair grounds," said Andreas Wiesinger, a member of the Board of Management of Messe Stuttgart.

17 to 20 October 2020, Messe Stuttgart

About südback
südback is one of the most important events for bakers and confectioners, and acts as a meeting point for the bakery trade in the German-speaking region and other European countries. With its successful mixture of a trade fair and an accompanying programme, the 29th edition of südback in 2020 will provide a large number of opportunities to obtain information and hold discussions on well-known and future trends, and will also showcase the latest products.

More information is available online at: www.suedback.de