Unlimited design variety in shop fittings
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Increase in sales through shop construction / südback presents forward-looking ideas for the right shop design


What must a good bakery or confectioner's shop look like? The sales staff have a fairly clear idea of the functionality. Whereas experts underline the responsibility of bakers and confectioners for the customer frequency with phrases such as "tangible freshness", "quality craftsmanship" or "high-quality raw materials". However, an unattractive shop construction or a complex counter design can also be a reason for poor sales. There are enough examples: Professionally converted and redesigned shops can generally boost sales on the existing floorspace following the renovation, even with an unmodified range.

At südback 2019 in Stuttgart from 21 to 24 September, the bakery industry can obtain detailed information about how a handicraft business presents its sales activities in a customised and optimal manner. A great number of shop construction and furniture and fittings companies have registered for this year's number one trade fair for the bakery industry. With their experience they play a key role in advising visitors how a shop can be properly developed into a bakery catering bsuiness with cold snacks and small warm meals or whether a counter area redesigned according to the time of day would be advantageous.


Demand for combination of shop construction and quality

The competition should not be overlooked - the supermarket behind the checkout area any more than the low-priced discounters or new online shopping offers. The quality of the bakery products is one thing, the attractive shop fittings and a clever lighting system are another. If there are seats, it is not only the matter of the chair upholstery that is decisive, but also the choice of tableware (stoneware or porcelain) or which requirements the cash register and billing system must fulfil. However, according to the Managing Director of Aichinger, Dr. Oliver Blank, the following maxim applies to all considerations: the baker "must literally pick up the customers with fast to-go offers as well as individual comfortable spaces for consumption on the premises."

A visit to südback promises plenty of new suggestions and different, unconventional concepts. For instance, in the "Merge Concept Workshop" together with the company Hellmich ("Natur Pur") the premium concept "My bread, your bread" emerged, an idea tailored to the customer's need, for which the company won the special südback Trend Award. By using, for example, a "Teighumidor®" (dough humidor), the customer can examine his dough as it rises.


"Bread alone is no longer enough"

While on the one hand the customers of bakers and confectioners experience individual attention in this way, on the other hand the bulk business should also not be overlooked. At südback, shopfitters also showcase attractive solutions with which customers can serve themselves and take out their goods directly and pay at a self-service checkout by credit or debit card. Considering the variety in shop construction, Michael Mayer, Managing Director of AHA GmbH, therefore sees an important goal of the trade fair in showing "which components are indispensable elements for a successful company. This includes first and foremost shop construction and counter technology", adds Mayer.

Susi Neumüller, Managing Partner of Schweitzer Ladenbau in Wels, Austria, outlines how much the range has grown for shop construction in the bakery industry. Many customers need shop construction concepts which can cover the entire product variety and diversity of supply of the bakery industry: cold and warm snacks, salads, coffee and cool drinks, takeaway and in-house consumption, self-service offers for fast shopping and a feel-good ambience with table service – the location decides what is possible. Amidst the design diversity for the sale of bakery products, for Neumüller one thing is certain: "Bread alone is no longer enough."

More information, texts and photos relating to südback are available online at www.suedback.de


About südback

südback is one of the most important events for bakers and confectioners, and acts as a meeting point for the bakery trade in the German-speaking region and other European countries. Around 700 exhibitors will take part in the event in 2019 on a gross exhibition area of 65,000 m2 in six trade fair halls. With its successful mixture of a trade fair and an accompanying programme, the 28th edition of südback in its 41st year will again provide a large number of opportunities to obtain information and hold discussions on well-known and future trends, and will also showcase the latest products.