Coffee – cultural heritage and cult beverage
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The Stuttgart Coffee Summit is the meeting place for baristas and coffee connoisseurs in Germany. It takes place next year for the fifth time as part of INTERGASTRA, the leading trade fair for the hotel and gastronomy business, from 15 to 19 February 2020 in Stuttgart. The Stuttgart Coffee Summit has become one of the most important events in the industry. Besides the new Stuttgart Comandante and Espresso Italiano Championships, highlights of the special coffee show include well-known fixtures like the RösterDorf (roasting village) and CupTasting. The two-day Coffee Symposium, which takes place at the same time from 16 to 17 February, brings together experts from around the globe who will address the subject of "Changing coffee" and present the latest scientific findings. "For anyone keen to stay abreast of what is happening on the coffee scene, the Stuttgart Coffee Summit and our Coffee Symposium are not to be missed“, says coffee expert Dr. Steffen Schwarz from Coffee Consulate.


INTERGASTRA strikes the right chord with coffee

"For years now we have enjoyed very good growth rates, which clearly shows that the Stuttgart Coffee Summit is an interesting and, above all, relevant special-interest subject for the catering trade," reports Schwarz. His personal highlight is the AromaLabyrinth, which was specially designed for the event. Visitors work their way through eleven aroma groups and explore the various flavours that unfold in a single cup of coffee. "Doing so lets participants gauge their own tasting abilities and develop a finer palate for coffee," explains Schwarz.


The RösterDorf – the universe of speciality coffees

At the CupTasting and in the RösterDorf, visitors can gain an in-depth insight into the coffee cosmos, learn from small and micro roasters how the roasting process influences the coffee flavour, and establish connections with green coffee traders and farmers. Visitors can put their newly acquired skills from the AromaLabyrinth into practice right away as tasting is another important element of the Stuttgart Coffee Summit. Along with the experts, they can sample trends and innovative preparation methods such as nitro cold brewing.


Incidentally, besides the coffee beans, the coffee cherries and leaves of the coffee plant can also be used. Visitors to the fair can sample the results at various booths. "At the moment, we are noting that an increasing number of new creations and coffee styles from other countries such as Austria, Portugal, Spain and even Germany are gaining a foothold on the market.
This development significantly enhances the trend towards individualisation, which I welcome wholeheartedly as it shows how important coffee is to consumers and coffee drinkers," observes the coffee expert.
However, coffee can only unfold the full diversity of its aroma if everything has been done properly from the start. It is not only the variety of the coffee that has an influence on the flavour. Soil quality, the right amount of fertiliser, weather conditions and clean processing are just as crucial. "It is essential that nothing goes wrong during storage, transportation, roasting, grinding and brewing," emphasizes the coffee expert. "As coffee is a semi-finished product, everything hinges on it being correctly prepared. The roasting of the coffee alone can unfold its flavour to perfection or destroy it completely," says Schwarz.


Generating knowledge and sharing insights

Visitors can find out more about coffee cultivation and processing, the current market situation and trends in the industry at the Coffee Symposium. The congress brings together top-ranking experts from around the globe eager to discuss the latest scientific insights and current developments on the coffee market. They include B.B. Deepak Changappa from Palthope Estates, who will be talking about the impact of climate change on coffee production and Dr. Oliver Brödel from TH Wildau, who will cover fermentation during coffee processing. By contrast, Raven Sun Kwok from Earthlings Coffee will be explaining how different roasting styles influence the coffee business. "At the Coffee Symposium in Stuttgart, we serve up the latest scientific insights on the coffee plant in a palatable format, and that is unique!", adds Schwarz with a hint of pride.


Championships for the best in the industry


The new championships held at the Coffee Summit aimed at seeking out and celebrating the best in the industry take the event to thrilling new heights. "The Stuttgart Comandante Championship focuses on finding the best brewing recipe and serving the jury with a perfect cup of coffee that is prepared completely by hand, from grinding to brewing, within the space of ten minutes," explains Stefan Dachale, owner of Mókuska Caffè and initiator of the championship. All candidates use the same beans, the same equipment and have to prepare the coffee in the same way.


The Espresso Italiano Championship is devoted to enjoying coffee in concentrated form.
Appearance and taste, a practised routine, a high degree of cleanliness and confident handling of the equipment are crucial to success and winning the title of "German Master of Baristas". The championship is organised by the Instituto Espresso Italiano (IEI).

Coffee Consulate's KALDI Award will also be bestowed at the Stuttgart Coffee Summit for the third time. An independent panel of international experts will select individuals for their outstanding achievements to improve coffee through scientific work and for their significant contributions to a better understanding of coffee.



INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart is the leading trade fair for the hotel and gastronomy business.
At INTERGASTRA 2018, over 1,400 national and international exhibitors presented their wide range of offers in the areas of kitchen systems, food, ambience and equipment for hotels and restaurants, services, beverages and coffee. Around 100,000 visitors from over 70 countries came to obtain information about the latest products, trends and forward-looking ideas on an exhibition area of more than 115,000 square metres. INTERGASTRA takes place regularly at Messe Stuttgart in conjunction with GELATISSIMO, the largest trade fair for gelato north of the Alps.